The Sanctuary Crater

The road leading through the forest has lost most of its utility. Branches and fallen trees block your way, so you're forced to push your way into underbrush to proceed. Along the path are the rotting corpses of many winged creatures, recognizable to Stinky and Ida as harpies. As you step through the trees, unsure what to expect of the embattled Dryad Sanctuary, you have to stop yourself from dropping into an enormous crater where the farmhouse and surrounding orchard once stood. You can see layers of soil, dirt and stone forming sharp rings around the depression. The small creek that ran through the yard appears to halt at the edge of the crater, angling 90 degrees and flowing straight up into the air about 50 meters before turning into mist. On the opposite side mist sublimated back into water, which gently flows along the creek bed as normal. At the bottom of the hole sits a raspberry bush, laden with ripe fruit, growing directly out of bedrock.