Primary Characters

[Stavroula "Stinky" Kyari] [Class: Cleric] [Race: Satyr]

A young acolyte, follower of Denizen, god of the grave. Abandoned as an infant on the outskirts of a farming hamlet, Stavroula had an extremely modest upbringing. Though she found herself initiated into the church by life circumstance rather than choice, she finds herself genuinely drawn to his teachings and the path of a Grave cleric. She serves under her mentor Father Uvier at the Temple of the Pantheon, a one-of-a-kind megachurch that caters to every god in Glade's pantheon. Along with the other grave acolytes, her vocation involves embalming and funeral services. Her name was given to her by her adoptive mother - the other temple children found this name unwieldy and had taken to calling her "Stinky". She seems to have accepted this name and even introduces herself as such.
Personality: Stavroula would be described by others as both "well-meaning and friendly" and "exceptionally dull-witted". Though she can read and write in two languages (common and infernal) she does not appear motivated by intellectual pursuits and would rather play or read pictorial tomes. She has a cheerful, exuberant demeanor and rarely appears downcast. Good hearted and empathetic, she naturally presumes the same of others and possesses a near complete inability to detect ill-intentioned people, and so is prone to being swindled or manipulated. Despite her supportive adoptive family her early abandonment and awareness of her own cognitive shortcomings weigh upon her and she views herself as unimpressive and unworthy of love. For this reason she seeks out praise and readily clings to those who provide her with positive attention.

Appearance: A 4' tall satyr with dark brown skin and fur. Shoulder-length platinum hair frames a friendly-looking face bearing brown downward-sloping eyes and a small black nose. Her full figure seems to strain at the fabric of a worn grey habit probably sized for a child. Short furred legs peek out from under the hem of her robe, ending in hooves. Two cream-colored ram horns protrude from her head, curling forward. It appears that her headdress has not been tailored around them and they have been fed through crudely-cut holes in her veil. Her ovine ears are pierced with plain silver sleepers.

Fighting style: A mid-line fighter who battles with a shield and her soulbound flail, Blind Justice. She calls upon the power of the God she pledged herself to and supports her partymates with malignant, necromantic magics that seem entirely at odds with her sunny personality.
[Ida] [Class: Barbarian/Druid] [Race: Gnome]

Ida (full name Idaliope Summer Daphiphina Cedarsap) was approaching the age where she would be expected to take on the role of Leafspeaker for her village, like her mother before her. At this time Ida was undertaking her mandatory gnomish military service. She deserted and abandoned her home after an incident where, in the chaos of battle, Ida accidentally shot and wounded a civilian (a satyr child). While fleeing, Ida met Claudette, a dwarven bard, who taught her the ways of wilderness survival, self-sufficiency and supporting a nomadic lifestyle. During this time Ida learned to play a musical instrument. They traveled together for a number of years before parting ways. Ida would eventually find herself living out of Fenside's Inn, befriending Stavroula and Uusi.

Personality: Trusting and helpful almost to a fault, Ida is quick to assist anyone seeking aid. She favors straightforward solutions, often encouraging others to take up the call to adventure just as she did many years ago and will often share or donate valuable resources. However, Ida's helpfulness and mercy appear to have a limit - she believes in her own sense of justice so strongly that she is frequently willing to kill those who, in her view, have been presented with ample opportunity to mend their ways and failed to do so. In social situations Ida is confident and boisterous, taking lovers of both sexes and displaying a lack of shame. She is skilled at playing the fiddle.

(Second Transformation - Current) A gold-eyed gnome standing at approximately 4' with a broad, muscled physique, hinting at supernatural strength. Voluminous hip-length brown hair is parted by two ursine ears, each with two silver cuffs. Now fully a gnome/bear chimera, Ida's limbs have become fully beastial, covered in thick brown fur and ending in broad clawed paws. She normally wears a single-shouldered white toga with a decorative blue tasseled apron.
(First Transformation) A gold-eyed gnome standing at approximately 3'6" with a broad, muscled physique, hinting at supernatural strength. Wild blonde hair is parted by two ursine ears, each with two silver cuffs. A small, fluffy brown bear tail can be seen pulled through the seat of her pants. Her teeth resemble those of a carnivore and she is missing her upper-left canine, which was extracted to facilitate her transformation. She normally wears a simple orange tunic with a cord tied around her waist.
(Original) A pale-skinned gnome with blue eyes and platinum blonde hair normally drawn back into a simple bun. Both of her prominent, pointed ears are pierced twice with silver cuffs. She wears simple adventurer's clothes dyed an emerald green. Ordinarily she prefers wearing simple, utilitarian adventurer's clothes that don't restrict her movement but she secretly enjoys dressing up and has a number of outfits stored in her shiftweave.

Fighting style: A sturdy frontline fighter who normally takes the form of a large bear in battle. While in her usual gnome form she is also able to use a circlet to channel a portion of power from Azahina, the Goddess of War.

[Uusi] [Class: Wizard] [Race: Kobold]

A kobold hatched from an egg poached from the lair of a black dragon by a bandit syndicate, later purchased by the wizard Ezhar. Uusi was raised at his emporium and library in the town of Fenside as a maid, though in reality was more of a daughter. Upon displaying magical aptitude Ezhar would take her on as an apprentice, teaching her the foundations of wizardry. An obsession with dragons and their destructive powers as a child would lead her to an fixation on evocation magics as a young adult. Genuinely believing herself to be the strongest mage in all of Glade, she dedicates herself to perfecting her chosen field of evocation and unraveling the secrets of the arcane she travels the world in search of artifacts and novel spells.
Personality: A fiery personality always ready to boast about her achievements, both actual and fictional. She often creates elaborate titles for herself and sometimes for others. Uusi carries the soul of a performer who wishes to inspire awe, utilizing her magic in ways to dazzle and captivate an audience. Despite her charisma, people sometimes see through her self-aggrandizement. However, she is stubborn to a fault and will maintain a narrative even if it's clearly been realized - perhaps because she truly believes it herself. Her speaking style can be described as sesquipedalian, using large and archaic words to put her intellect on display in every situation. Though she projects a self-centered outward appearance, she will often put others before herself and will lend a hand to help in any situation.
Appearance: The offspring of a black dragon, Uusi stands approximately 3' tall. Her body bears a 'point' pattern, predominately white with scales transitioning in a gradient from grey to black on her facial spines, horns, hands, feet, tail and around her eyes. At a glance her eyes appear pitch black but under light are shown to actually be a very dark green. Her wide, heavy tail sometimes drags on the ground behind her and she can brace herself on it like a third leg. She wears traditional wizard garb in shades of purple consisting of a robe, poncho and wide-brimmed pointed hat (which has been tailored to accommodate her horns).

Fighting style: A mage who enjoys large, flashy offensive spells and specializes in evocation magic. She alternately uses her staff or her grimoire, Fulminating Treatise, as her spellcasting focus.

[Tor Runescrivner] [Class: Fighter] [Race: Firbolg]

A former adventurer and skilled rune-carver. Long ago prior to his arrival in Feylin, Tor's home was decimated by a series of natural disasters following the ripple. His family survived but the land was rendered unlivable. Tor would carve runes of commemoration into the remains of the dead land, manifesting his intentions into the etchings and hoping that, over time, the land would heal itself. He set out to find a place where his runecrafting would be of use, intending to hone his abilities and return to complete the restoration. This search led him to joining a group of adventurers, including Sandrene. It was during this time he learned to fight. While his partymates continued to enjoy their fame and renown following their delve into the Underdark, Tor retired deep in the Oswian jungle and enjoyed a life of near-total isolation for a number of years, only emerging into civilization to trade with the orcs. He came to view himself as the guardian of the jungle and sought to protect it from the corruptive forces encroaching on the land.
Personality: Tor is a good-natured, peaceful and thoughtful firbolg. Like many of his kind, he possesses a strong connection with nature and feels compelled to protect it. Many years of isolation have eroded his social skills somewhat and he seems unsure of how to respond to certain situations. His rune-carving magic is both innate and artistic in nature. Thus, he prefers not to discuss the process or theory with anyone (especially with the ever-curious Sandrene), reasoning that it is an intuitive type of magic that cannot be taught and must be 'felt'.

A 7' tall Firbolg with dusty blue skin, bovine horns and a mop of red hair. He is normally seen wearing partial-plate armor with a green-and-gold tunic and leather work gloves.

Fighting style: A frontline fighter who wields a warpick on the battlefield and also employs magic from his runes, both offensively and also to bolster his own abilities.

[Sandrene] [Class: Artificer] [Race: Half-elf]

A highly intelligent half-elf engineer and former soldier for the high elf nation of Ria'tal'uth. Born from a human father and elven mother, Sandrene nevertheless aspired to embody the ideals of the high elves and integrate into elven society. She would later desert her country upon uncovering a mass grave consisting of both humans and half-elves while on an assignment, revealing the truth of what her countrymen thought of her kind. Resourceful and cunning, she managed to steal and re-outfit a military airship when she escaped and dubbed it the Angel of Opulence. She has since spent a number of years traveling the world and skirting a delicate line between evading the attempts of her country to recover her and pursuing her own research into the Deepforged. She is a former partymate of Tor.
Personality: Sandrene is primarily driven by the pursuit of knowledge, indulging her pet projects and passions. As a result, this half-elf has many fingers in many pies - highly mobile due to her airship and willing to apply her services in exchange for information, she has established connections with various individuals and communities in all corners of Glade. Although she withdrew from elven society and holds contempt for the notions of elven superiority, she continues to follow Tir Frig as her god, albeit with mixed emotions. She suffers as a result of her early life experiences, the effects of the Blight that severely (and seemingly irreversibly) weakened her body and Zilch's neglect. Despite her innumerable hardships she retains a sense of humor and enjoys puns and bawdy jokes.

Appearance: A formidable but weathered-looking half-elf standing at 6'3" with broad shoulders and masculine facial features. She is normally wearing a full suit of living armor that doubles as an assistive device, semi-concealed by a bulky green military-style longcoat. Beneath all her armor and clothing her body is actually extremely frail after being exposed to the toxic environment of the Mage Blight for an extended period of time. Her long one-length hair appears a brilliant white but on closer inspection appears to have a dull, pearlescent sheen with shifting tones of pink, purple and blue. Gold eyes flecked with red and green hint at her fae heritage.