Saecoto Archives

In the dead of the night on the 24th of Fercho (late spring), a fire primordian by the name of Ardesco arrives in Knightstower, seeking to attend the grand party. Unfortunately, he is several hours too late to the festivities and the tower's inhabitants are already settling in for sleep.

After furiously knocking on the doors of every single cabin built within the tower's walls and waking everybody, Ardesco manages to find who he's actually looking for - the satyr Stavroula, his childhood friend. Stavroula remembers him as a complete idiot and her constant tormentor throughout her childhood, and is the reason why she goes by the nickname "Stinky".

Ardesco is heedless of Stavroula's irritation as he boasts about his legendary status in a faraway town called Saecoto. He describes a city full of beastfolk of all shapes and sizes, built between a section of coast and rolling foothills, and boasting a large cranberry bog. He claims he emerged victorious in the town's last annual "cranberry games" and the township have erected a statue in his likeness. Ardesco invites Stavroula to visit and see it someday.

Several months later during late summer, Stavroula, Ida, Uusi, Tor and Rikkard decide to vacation together and board a ship bound for Saecoto.

This page chronicles the three-part miniature campaign for Glade's Ascent designed, illustrated and run by guest DM Larly.