Secondary Characters

Significant NPCs who have a class, stats and levels - either DMPCs who have traveled and fought alongside the party, or immediate relations to the PCs.

[Glob] [Class: Paladin] [Race: Goblin]
A goblin originally from a small goblin tribe living between Fenside and Nutfog who surrendered to Stavroula, Ida and Uusi. He became enamored with Stavroula's strange death magics and agreed to assist in overthrowing the goblin shaman who had stolen the cart of taxes the party sought to recover. Father Uvier was quick to agree to allowing him to reside in the temple and began instructing him. Although he still displays typical goblin characteristics, Glob is both exceptionally smart for a goblin as well as magically adept. His desire is to complete his training and become a full-fledged paladin, but he also feels caught between two worlds.

[Father Uvier Cobbler] [Class: Cleric] [Race: Human]
A fully-ordained priest of Denizen and the current representative of Denizen at the Temple of the Pantheon. Though he has known Stavroula from childhood, he has not been intimately involved with her until she turned 16 and he agreed to personally mentor her. To Stavroula, Uvier has always stood as the perfect ideal of a grave cleric, even now that she's recognized his fallibility. He is especially zealous and accepts any individual genuinely receptive to the tenets of Denizen, to the extent he's instructed a goblin in the precepts. Unlike other temple officials, he chooses to be referred to by his first name rather than his surname.

[Mother Saryl Kyari] [Class: Cleric] [Race: Half-Elf]
Stavroula Kyari's adoptive mother. She is also a cleric and life-long follower of Denizen, but when she found she was unable to bear children, her vocation brought her to the temple's adjoining orphanage. When the infant satyr was surrendered to her, Mother Kyari interpreted it as a sign from Denizen and adopted the child as her own (though not a technical orphan, Stavroula grew up within the Denizen convent and alongside the orphanage children). At first blush she appears nurturing and meek, but she is a tactful disciplinarian who keenly understands how to reign in unruly children.

[Ezhar] [Class: Wizard] [Race: Human]
A somewhat eccentric, elderly, seasoned wizard who lives on the edge of Fenside. Approximately twenty years ago he purchased a poached kobold egg from a foreign trader, hoping to raise an assistant who would help him with the management of his library. Uusi hatched under his care and Ezhar raised the hatchling as if she were his own offspring. He would later also make her his official apprentice when she came of age and started to display an incredible aptitude for magic. He occupies a prestigious position within the Arcane Alliance Against Apocalypse.

[Rikkard LeRou] [Class: Barbarian] [Race: Dust Primordian (originally), Volt Primordian (current)]
A dust (earth) primordian scion from the Undersky Mountains. As both a historian and a devout follower of the god Primordius, Rikkard travels in the hopes of recovering the religious artifacts of his people. He also acts as the ambassador and intermediary between the dust primordians and the nearby human metropolis of Silgate. Rigidly good and embodying the strict codes of honor and humility of his people, Rikkard abhors (and is in fact physically repulsed by) deceit, manipulation and oath-breaking. He normally carries a large bronze sword with a stone hilt on his back but prefers to fight with his fists.

Following the second Ripple, Primordius punished Rikkard for his insolence and role in (unknowingly) triggering the event that saw destruction spread through the province, petrifying and shattering his right arm. Stavroula intervened and called upon a favor from her God to end the torture. Instead of petrifying further, Rikkard's elemental attunement shifted from dust to volt. He has since donned the armor of the fallen Saint of the Aspect of Logos and worked in collaboration with the downtrodden Errors to re-invigorate Advent and bring change to volt primordian society.

[Zilch] [Class: Sorcerer] [Race: Lunar Primordian]
A lunar (null) primordian born to water primordian parents. Lacking the ability to breathe underwater, he was unable to reside with his kind and was delivered to the Fenside monastery as a child. As an adult, circumstances brought him to the Mage Blight, where he attuned to the toxic land and rapidly developed new magical abilities. Drunk and hopelessly addicted to the flow of magic through him, he remained living in a bunker near the obelisk for two years. The feedback caused by his presence in the Blight began overpowering the pylons containing it, causing the scourge to leak and forcing his removal. He is Sandrene's ex-lover.

[Sid DeZario] [Class: Fighter] [Race: Human]
A renowned adventurer who retired after an expedition into the Underdark. Upon his return, he leveraged his fame to position himself in the church of Azahina and take on the position of Warfather, the highest office of Azahina devotees in the land. Fancying himself an entrepreneur, he converted the Aresgate arena - a place of worship - into a gaudy entertainment venue rife with fight-fixing and gambling. Upon his defeat and subsequent disappearance, he became nameless. He seems to have taken something from the Underdark that grants him telekinetic abilities, and bears prominent white rabbit ears that denote a pact made with the god Xengral.

Prior to the second Ripple, Sid returned to the public eye with a new name, proclaiming himself Sidax the Warbeast. His body had transfigured into an even more lapine form, demonstrating a deepening connection with god of chaos and beasts. Sidax rallied an army of devoted beastfolk around him and invaded Aresgate.
[Ardesco] [Class: Bard/Sorcerer] [Race: Fire Primordian]
A boy who was raised in the same orphanage as Stavroula. As a child he relentlessly bullied the other children, particularly Stavroula, and is the reason that her nickname became "Stinky". As an adult he travels the world performing with his accordion, but is no more wise. Has always been magically adept but his magic became unpredictable following the Ripple.

[Tippi Tapp] [Class: Monk] [Race: Simian Beastfolk]
A member of the Arcane Alliance specializing in reading and manipulating auras. She assisted Uusi in her field research within the Core, studying the phoenixes. Tippi later traveled with the party across Feylin after being rescued from a broken teleporter that short-circuited during the second Ripple. She appears to have a crush on Tor.
[Terry] [Class: Ranger] [Race: Satyr]
The eldest of the three satyr brothers living and working on Rubrik's Dryad Sanctuary. He is also the largest, making him best suited for physical labor tasks. He is cool-headed with a calm, stable demeanor. Stavroula carries a wooden carving he made in her pack.

When the Sanctuary was assaulted by harpies in the wake of the second Ripple, Terry found himself imbued with the desire to leave home, join the party and take up arms against the innumerable threats facing Feylin. He displays a high level of survival knowledge and ability with a bow or javelin. The expansion of the Fae Glen in Feylin seems to have also awakened some latent fae magical ability in him.