Other Characters

[Ayshkali] A jungle elf huntress who has been visiting Fenside for as long as Stavroula and Uusi can remember. Her passion in life is fishing. After helping Stavroula with her trial, she left on a fishing trip, never to be seen again.

[Lord Dolph Habbsberry] The lord mayor of Silgate and one of the most powerful men in the province. He has gifted the party with a fair parcel of land in exchange for their assistance on various matters.

[Rubrik and Hibiscus] A satyr and dryad couple who head the Dryad Sanctuary on the outskirts of Silgate. They specialize in producing dryad syrup, a thick, sweet condiment. Hibiscus' fae magic has kept Rubrik alive far past the average lifespan of a satyr and he is somewhat senile as a result.

[The Satyr Brothers] Rubrik and Hibiscus' satyr sons who do most of the heavy lifting on the farm and running the family business.
Terry is the eldest and also the largest, making him best suited for physical labor tasks. (See secondary characters for full bio)
Robby is the middle son. Kind and personable, he is the 'face' of the business and runs the food cart in Silgate. He is enamored with Ida.
Gilly is the youngest of the brothers and still a teenager. Though standoffish to strangers, he has forged a fast friendship with Glob and Uusi who are eager to take the opportunity to regale him with stories of their exploits.

[Tabitha] A weathered-looking high elf who has been living in a hut along the edge of the Mage Blight for as long as anyone can remember. She seems to be constantly monitoring the area and often journeys in on her skimmer. She lives with her handsome husband, Rolin, who was previously an unseen servant wished into being by her. He maintains the home while she is away.

[The Woodsmen] Three human men - George, Stippson and Deryl - who resided in the collapsed tower on the outside of Fenside. Thanks to the donation of immense funds from the party, they have transformed the dilapidated tower into Knightstower, a satellite settlement to Fenside.
George is a short man with long wild hair and is a follower of Whillip. He detests civilization and is adept at raising plants.
Stippson can be distinguished by his dark skin, curly hair and a morose disposition. He was born a bastard and became homeless when his mother passed away.
Deryl cuts an imposing figure with skin covered in goliath tattoos. A man of few words, he is a nomad with a utilitarian personality.

[Suzie] A human mage specializing in illusion magic, formerly the right-hand woman to Sid when he occupied the position of the Warfather.

[Rahal, Nina and Meemi] Sandrene's three gremling protege. All skilled artificers, they operate her airship, The Angel of Opulence.

[Hilda] An exuberant, fast-talking and exceptionally beautiful human woman with a smattering of freckles and coppery hair. She considers herself to be very funny and grows annoyed when people don't laugh at her jokes. She is actually a polymorphed young copper dragon. She is willing to lend the party assistance where it would be fun and beneficial to her.

[Pan] A smug, boyish high elf man with long verdant locks. He uses his allies and skilled manipulation to trick his enemies into weakening each other. A polymorphed green dragon in reality, he took over the Temple of Guile and built his hoard there, ensuring the loyalty of the local boags to help protect it. Apparently a lover of Torrekali. Killed by the party.

[Torrekali and Eitterdai] The jungle elf chief and his advisor. Eitterdai is a highly skilled shaman who advises Torrekali on spiritual matters. Torrekali is a very stubborn man who seeks to reconnect and make amends with the high elves who spurned his people. He seems to be related to Ayshkali.

[Joolianne] A spacey jungle elf woman whose mind seems largely preoccupied with romance and intimate matters - both her own and those of others. Her jewelry suggests she is a practitioner of the goddess Tempura. After leaving the jungle, she became the protégé of Ronin Thighstrider and sought to delve deeper into the mysteries of sex magic.

[Elizadon] The immortal guardian of the Temple of Knowledge. Formerly an elf scientist, this woman was mutated into the form of a giant snake.
[Xedric] Also known as "the volunteer". A volt primordian with an unstable form, torn between Glade and Mobius due to a hole in his chest rendered by the artifact The Hilt of the Elf. Managed to escape his captivity. Requested a burial and proper funeral (unusual for volt primordians) from the party and was finally permitted to pass on to the other side. Seems to have been neurodivergent in life.

[Archwizard Jorace] Highly esteemed volt primordian scientist residing in Advent, sometimes referred to as "the architect". Discovered that he could use people as conduits to channel magic from Mobius for the purpose of powering Advent's cores. Responsible for Xedric's state. Killed by the party.

[The Saint] Also known as the Saint of the Aspect of Logos, his ordinary name is Augustus. The religious authority to the volt primordians, equivalent to Rikkard's status as scion. Wears elaborate power armor adorned with inlaid glass tubes pulsing with purple electricity. His helmet bears the visage of Logos, one of Primordius' five faces and he wields a warhammer. Responsible for leading the raid into Silgate to steal the Hilt of the Elf. Killed by the party.

[Fass] An entity that takes the form of a large black dragon and speaks to Uusi through the Rod of Hunger, imploring her to allow him to consume magic from magical sources.
[Dresden] A dragonborn performer with purplish scales, frontman of a music and theater troupe called "The Imagined Dragons". Met Uusi first at Silgate and offered to take her on a date some time, then later met the rest of the party at Knightstower, putting on a production that recounted the traveler's exploits around Feylin.

[Quarrel] A ratfolk woman with precognitive abilities and who had predicted the coming of the second Ripple. Met Uusi at Aresgate, now resides at Knightstower as a permanent resident.

[Button] A mousefolk woman. Abnormally small (even for a mousefolk), followed Quarrel to Feylin. A good cook. Was placed on the leadership council for Knightstower for some reason.

[The Dryads] Three dryads adopted from Rubrik's dryad sanctuary by Ida and brought to permanently reside within Knightstower. George happily tends to them.
Briar has pink-tinged skin and a long ponytail comprised of thorny vines and blooms. She has a flirty, vapid personality. Despite her stout stature, she moves with a weightless, graceful ease as if on the moon.
Lilly has bluish skin and wooden knots around her eyes that resemble smeared eye shadow. She speaks with a flat affect and has a gloomy personality. She represents the dryads on the council of Knightstower.
Tulip has pale yellow skin and pink petals. She is cunning and enjoys tricking people into getting what she wants. Her magic is especially powerful.

[Rudy] A neutral fae-creature that takes on different forms at different times, but always dispenses riddles. Tor has met him on previous occasions. The rest of the party encountered him first as a talking badger. During the second Ripple, Hibiscus made a bargain with him to raise the Dryad Sanctuary into the sky.

[Tatiana] A female satyr infant born to Rubrik and Hibiscus. Might have been due to be born a dryad, but all of her magical potential was sacrificed by Hibiscus at the moment of her birth to protect the Dryad Sanctuary from invasion by outside forces, rendering her mortal.

[Yipp] A black kobold of indeterminable gender. A member of the Arcane Alliance and an accomplished alchemist, they assisted Uusi in mastering the art of potion-making and curing Ezhar from the effects of a mocassin newt.

[Greep] A red male kobold who works as a janitor and groundskeeper for the Arcane Alliance at Raktesh.

[Chancellor Phillip] Associate of Uusi and member of the Arcane Alliance who usually resides in Raktesh. Middle-aged with blonde hair and a beard, wears a suit of heavy armor. Paladin and follower of Abednego.

[Claudette] Dwarf woman, member of the Arcane Alliance and former lover of Ida. Acts somewhat coldly toward Ida after her abandonment but still seems to care for her. Sings and plays a lyre. When Hisbiscus was unable to provide sustenance for Tatiana, Claudette served as a wet nurse for the infant satyr.

[Drimmer] Archwizard and the current leader of the Arcane Alliance. Dons traditional purple wizard robes with stellar patterns and a tall pointed hat. Elderly, with long silver hair and a long beard.

[The Boar Riders] A rowdy group of orcs that participate in the highly dangerous sport of boar racing.
Duck is a boisterous female orc who is the de-facto head of their group.
Toby is easily taken in by the mood of those around him and is an enthusiastic yes-man. His main role in the group seems to be playing cheerleader to his teammates and agreeing with everything Duck says.
Doobs speaks very, very little common and has near-unintelligible, slurred speech.
Chert seems ditzy and girly at first blush, but is every bit as fierce a boar rider as the rest of her troupe.
[Ronin Thighstrider] An orc worshiper of the goddess Tempura, delving into the rarely practiced, little understood realm of sex magic (rather than the dream-based magic most Tempura practitioners pursue). He is a close friend and ally of Ida's and Joolianne's mentor. By depriving himself of sight with a blindfold, Ronin can perceive people by way of their "sexual energies". He was the only surviving hostage of the aethian-orc conflict.

[Geneva Weinbach] An ambitious volt primordian woman who was willing to call a ceasefire to the aethian-orc conflict if the party were able to assist her in overthrowing her uncle, Heinrich Weinbach, from the position of Master Administrator. She demonstrates a degree of open-mindedness not shared by most volt primordians, but her shrewd nature became clear when she indicated she would permit the party to remove her uncle in whatever way they deemed necessary.

[Heinrich Weinbach]
An elderly volt primordian who served as the Master Administrator, one of the leaders of the volt primordians. He wears powered armor and seems to lack eyes, perceiving the world through two metal golem servitors instead. In his desperation to power Advent's systems and raise the city into the sky again, he provoked the conflict with the orcs by holding their diplomats hostage. Instead of killing him, the party managed to disable his defenses. A year-long geas was placed upon him by Stavroula, compelling him to abdicate his office and pass it to his niece.