Archived Texts

Major in-game events archived for future reference, in chronological order.

The Invasion of Silgate
Dreams in the Fae Glen
On the Subject of the Origin of Satyrs
Meeting Zilch at the Spire
Zilch is Defeated
The Obelisks
Cassandra's Funeral
A Firbolg's Blessing
Ida's Second Dream
Codex Arcana's Answer
Temple of Knowledge Mural
Elizadon's Story
Advent, the Aethian City
Ida's Third Dream
Passage Through Mobius - Ida
Passage Through Mobius - Uusi
Passage Through Mobius - Stavroula
Passage Through Mobius - Tor
The Volunteer's Final Message
Songs for the Blight Knights (Act 1 Epilogue)

Intermission 1 - Stavroula's Journey to Ermire Gorge
Intermission 2 - Ida's Dryad Adoption
Intermission 3 - Tor's Jungle Visit
Intermission 4 - Uusi's Operation Phoenix

The Second Ripple (Act 2 Opening)
Tor's First Dream
News from Northern Feylin
News from the Oswian Jungle
Collection of Poems in Dedication to Whillip
Tor's Second Dream
The Sanctuary Crater
News from a Crier: The King is Coming!
Ishi's Logbook from the Temple of Guile
Under the Influence of Orcish Oil - Ida's Dream
Under the Influence of Orcish Oil - Uusi's Dream
Under the Influence of Orcish Oil - Tor's Dream
Under the Influence of Orcish Oil - Stinky's Dream
Pluriflor Addresses the Party
Ida's Unseelie Delusion
Uusi's Unseelie Delusion
Tor's Unseelie Delusion
Terry's Unseelie Delusion
Pathtender before the Court of Thorns
Excerpt from Stories of Eld: Legends that Define Us